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Add+it 2016

… the essential symposium for the Additive Manufacturing community

From September 29 to 30 2016, more than 120 internationally recognized experts from industry and academic in the field of Additive Manufacturing met in Steyr, Museum Arbeitswelt . The current state of research, highlights and trends were presented and discussed.

"I attended Add+It 2016 conference in Steyr as I did one year before the first Add+It 2015 in Linz.I find the conferences were both times widening my horizon of what can be done using additive manufacturing.Applications, challenges, materials, surfaces, theoretical and analytical aspects are presented in various fields.There is also time to discuss and get personal contacts in a very nice surrounding, enlighted by extraordinary good weather. I will try to take part in Add+It again next year!"
Dr. Andreas KURTZE,
Senior Scientist, Swarovski KG

"Add-it was an excellent opportunity to update myself on digital 3D printing. My expectations were not only met but by far exceeded and I made very valuable contacts with follow up meetings already arranged. I was especially surprised how much contact points to sport and fashion industry appeared. I wish every conference could be of such value!
, Huafeng, Director of Innovation and RSL

„The Add+It 2016 was a perfect organized event in an amazing locality. Especially the good mix of professionals from science and from economy, combined with AM interested persons. This variegated mix led to a lot of stimulating and interesting discussions.”
David Sarnowski





The Add+it 2016 will take place during the current innovation process “NATURE OF INNOVATION” from September 29 to 30, 2016 in Steyr, Museum Arbeitswelt.






Add+it 2015

"Add+it 2015 was a wonderful and well organized conference. I learned a great deal and obtained an excellent understanding of state-of-the-art additive manufacturing methods, technology, and applications. I highly recommend it for anyone interested or working in additive manufacturing, from the novice to the expert researcher." (Dr. Thomas I. Madura, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Universities Space Research Association, USRA).

"Very diverse, deep and wide at the same time meeting of professionals of the 3D printing field at a very nice place with a perfect hospitality indeed. " (Dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas, Laser Research Center of Vilnius University)

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