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The research of PROFACTOR anticipates the challenges that the domestic industry will face in the up-coming decades. The resulting developments reflect the state of the art in the technologies. PROFACTOR concentrates on solutions for seven topics:    

Machine Vision
Visual inspection is more than just making an accept/reject decision. Profactor is developing inspection systems using machine vision and machine learning.  

The major approaches for developing robotics solutions within PROFACTOR are: rapid re-configurability according to process requirements and intuitive handling and usability to support a quick adaptation even by non-experts.

Simulation Based Design and Optimisation
Our solutions combine simulation techniques with intelligent optimisation algorithms for system design, performance validation as well as the optimisation of systems operations. The used approaches are applied to multiple domains and support different application scenarios´. Our solutions cover the production life cycle from system design over system configuration to virtual commissioning and daily operation. 

Adaptive Production Control
Increasingly volatile manufacturing systems require a change from a long-term planning and optimisation horizon approach to a situational production control approach. This later kind of approaches allows reacting on changing constraints on the operative level, by adapting dispatching strategies

Human-Machine Interaction
ROFACTOR in close cooperation with users, developed new concepts for modeling human-machine interaction, which are characterized by an improved user interface.

Functional, Structured SurfacesSurfaces are crucial factors for the performance and properties of products. Functionalization of surfaces provides products with innovative features or increases the efficiency of processes via the functionalization of tools and means of production.

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