The current Yole Report shows that Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL) is revived by photonics and biochips as well as front-end memory applications. Research is essential to transfer the technology into industrial production and finally to the market.

Function Follows Form – Our process, your competitive advantage.

PROFACTOR is your expert for the NIL process. We are developing solutions to implement NIL in your production according to your needs. We offer Roll-to-plate UV-NIL and 3D-NIL process development, develop and sell customized UV-NIL tools  which offer the possibility of applying micro- or nanostructures to flat, curved and free-form surfaces.


Functionalization of Large areas with Roll-to-Plate UV-NIL

Micro- or Nanostructuring of large areas is often very time and cost-intensive. Roll-to-Plate UV-NIL now offers the possibility of providing surfaces with micro- or nanostructures over a large area and at high throughput.


PROFACTOR’s Roll-to-Plate UV-NIL Tool is on the cover of the yole report.

Functionalization of free-form surfaces with 3D NIL

Many products often have insufficient functionality and quality for the corresponding application because the production of complex surfaces was previously not possible. In medical technology, for example, implants (e.g. silicone implants) are renewed monthly due to the biofilm formation by bacteria and surgically replaced. Glass or polymer lenses have poor optical transmission properties due to surface reflections. Nanostructures with antibacterial effect or nanostructures for reflection reduction (e.g. moth eyes) promise innovative solutions, which can also be economically applied to products. The solution „3D NIL“ now offers the possibility of applying micro- or nanostructures to curved and free-form surfaces.