Topic Group Name: “Robotics for Sustainability and Environmental Aspects”



There is a lack of understanding, active research and definition on the aspect of Sustainability (social, ecological and economic) and the role of robotics. The EU commission is very much interested in pursuing the topics of Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal, which is reflected in the Horizon Europe programme.

Exploiting robotics for sustainability can be done by making  robots  themselves  more  sustainable. Additionally, robots have skills such as strength, precision and sensing often surpassing those of humans. Combining the physical endurance of the robots with the cognitive flexibility of humans in a collaborative fashion is advantageous in different applications that enable sustainability and support environmental aspects.

With this as motivation, we would like to explore the interest of euRobotic member institutions in contributing to the topic group.

Activities of the Topic Group

The following activities are foreseen for contributing members:

  • The initial activities would include discussions and active participation in defining relevant aspects of Sustainability and Environmental aspects and what is the role of robotics in achieving them
  • In the long run, the topic group will create use cases and collect challenges
  • Representing the topic group by organizing workshop (E.g., @ ERF)
  • Contributing to the RoadMap for the EU Commission

How can you contribute?

The Topic group is open for all interested members from academia and industry alike who would like to contribute. Just send the topic group leaders an email to be included and receive more details.


Leaders for the TG

Franziska Kirstein <>, Blue Ocean Robotics, Denmark

Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi <>, Profactor GmbH, Austria


Current Members of the Topic Group

  • Ole Madsen, Aalborg University
  • Maria Pateraki, ICCS, NTUA
  • Jesus Pablo, EURECAT
  • Amit Kumar Pandey, Socients AI and Robotics (Socially Intelligent Robotics TG)
  • Alfio Minissale, COMAU
  • Ana-Maria Stancu, Bucharest Promo Robots
  • Fausto Ferreira, University of Zagreb
  • Christophe Leroux, CEA
  • Markus Vincze, TU Vienna
  • George Michalos, LMS
  • Geoff Pegman, R U Robots
  • Francesco Maurelli, Jacobs University Bremen
  • Patrick Courtney
  • Salle, Damien

More details of the topic group can be found here: Topic Groups – SPARC (