In conjunction with the European Robotics Forum 2022, 28th – 30th June 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The workshop is held on the 28th of June at 14:20 CET during the ERF 2022, see ERF 2022 Programme for more details

This workshop is conducted within the Sustainability Topic Group of EURobotics


AIM and Scope

Are robotics really able to solve the challenges related to sustainability? Are robots the solution or a problem on their own to sustainability? Come join us in our workshop as we gather experts from academia and industry to discuss the aspects of robotics and their role in sustainability and environmental aspects. The focus of the workshop is on the application of robotics to sustainability and as first steps, define sustainable and environmental aspects in different sectors (manufacturing, agriculture, marine, energy, …) and clarify the role of robotic applications in solving them. This is followed by some ongoing applications and case studies where robotic applications have successfully progressed in creating a difference.

The workshop tackles the following

  1. Which challenges can be solved (in principle) by robots when sustainability is concerned. Is robotics a solution or a problem?
  2. Different application areas where Robotics help sustainability – HRC for sustainability
  3. Present TG on Robotics for sustainability, draft road map, next steps.


Expected Outcome:

  • Trigger information exchange between academia and industry about the current challenges and possible solutions for sustainable production with application of robots
  • A position paper on the results of the workshop and share it, e.g., with the respective topic group/s. This will also form as a basis for the newly formed TG Group “Robotics for Sustainability and Environmental Aspects”


Invited Speakers:

  • Damien Salle, Tecnalia
  • George Michalos, LMS, Greece
  • Prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems,  Faculty of EE&C, University of Zagreb
  • Christian Eitzinger, Profactor GmbH
  • Javier Sanchez Cubillo, ZeniaLabs Automation Intelligence S.L.,


Organizers of the workshop:

The workshop is co-organized with in the FELICE project and the Collaborate project.

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Robotics and Assistive Systems

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