Initial situation:

Efficient production of carbon composite parts is an important topic for aerospace, automotive and other industries. In a draping process, carbon fibre textiles are shaped in order to produce parts with complex shape. This draping process results in complex deformation of carbon fibres. The arrangement of carbon fibres, however, is important for the mechanical properties of the part.



The project, which is coordinated by PROFACTOR, targets faster and more flexible production of lightweight fibre reinforced plastic components. The goal is to eliminate the trial and error approach that is used for conventional draping processes.



A system is developed that performs measurement of carbon fibre orientations on 3d parts. Data which is provided by the system provides quantitative information about the draping process. This data is used to verify and optimize software for simulation of the draping process. Project partners ESI and INSA take care of this topic.


PROFACTOR optimizes its in-house developed fibre angle sensor F-Scan. University of Padua and their spin-off IT-Robotics contribute with robotic technology. End-users Benteler SGL and Advance Composite Fibers contribute with sample parts and know-how about production processes.


The project is funded within the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

9/2013 to 8/ 2016


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