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Master thesis

Nanoimprint Lithography is a method to replicate nanostructures on large area. This is done by pressing a nanostructured stamp into a soft (UV-curable) polymer on a substrate. While the stamp is in contact with the polymer, the material is cured by e.g. UV-irradiation and then the stamp is removed, resulting in a nanostructured hard polymer on the substrate. Such an imprint can later be used as mask for metal deposition and thus define geometry of particles. Afterwards the particles can be removed from the substrate in a lift-off step and used further for biofunctionalization. At PROFACTOR we are developing a CNC-based UV-nanoimprint tool to fabricate these kinds of nanostructures.

PROFACTOR is a private, applied research company located in Steyr. We conduct research in the field of industrial assistive systems and additive micro/nano manufacturing. Our team consists of around 70 employees from 15 different academic fields. We work across disciplines to find solutions for the manufacturing industry and set standards in robotics, machine vision, simulation, 3D printing, functional surfaces and nanostructures.

The goals of this thesis are

  • to investigate basic processes for the replication of nanoscale features for particle fabrication.
  • to investigate different materials, for imprinting and their liftoff suitability
  • to further develop an CNC-based imprint tool for fast and relyable imprinting.


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