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Dr. Andreas Pichler

+43 72 52 885 306

PROFACTOR is a research company focusing on two main topics.

Systems for industrial assistance and additive micro/nano manufacturing. Both support the “Factory of the Future” realising efficient, effective production processes ranging from nano scale processes over collaborative robotic systems to complex adaptive production systems. In both research areas PROFACTOR builds on years of expertise and over 1,600 national and international research projects.

Industrial Assistive Systems

PROFACTOR research focuses on systems, which are combining human and machine interaction, intelligence and  processing power, human expertise and machine power. The aim of industrial Assistance Systems is to support human beings in a in a volatile, richly varied and highly flexible produc...

Additive Micro/Nano-Manufacturing

PROFACTOR is especially dedicated to the combination of additive manufacturing and functionalization of surfaces, which define the quality and functionality for components. Additive Manufacturing processes are - as well as assistance systems - a key to a competitive production in small lot...