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Dr. Christoph Breitschopf

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We are driving Innovation

PROFACTOR designs the factories of the future. We set standards in next generation robotics, real time image processing, resource recovery from waste materials, and functional surfaces for the products of tomorrow.

We are looking for “out of the box thinkers”

Continuous innovation in Industry requires the best minds. PROFACTOR focuses on “out of the box thinkers”, who contribute by engaging as the interface between industry and academia.

We focus on values

Our Mission is clear: research creates a competitive advantage. Our technological developments strive for resource efficiency and work to benefit society.

We offer attractive jobs

We take pride in our appreciative corporate culture. Flexible working hours and training possibilities make PROFACTOR an attractive employer. PROFACTOR is rated by its employees above the average.

We are interdisciplinary

Of our 73 employees we boast more than 80% graduates.  Almost all natural sciences and technical disciplines are welcomed and represented in our corporation. We consider interdisciplinary cooperation a factor in our success.


PROFACTOR ein Platz für Querdenker Innovationen für die Industrie werden von den besten Köpfen gemacht. PROFACTOR setzt auf Querdenker, die ihr Engagement an der Schnittstelle von Industrie und Wissenschaft einbringen. Wir gestalten die Fabrik der Zukunft mit. Bereits während der Ausbi...


Recognizing and promoting staff achievement is a firmly anchored part of our business culture. Irrespective of gender, no matter whether you are technically or commercially minded , we respect the individuality of every member of our staff and support their development. The contribution th...

Theses & Internships

The best training is still found in doing it yourself. Cyril Northcote Parkinson When learning and practicing are also fun, then progress and success are pre-programmed. Are you looking for more knowledge and a place to put theory into practice? Then send us your CV. Do you already have a...


Experience is the mother of science. German saying Would you like to experience something new and forge innovation? Then send us your CV. Do you have ideas for your dissertation? Then let us know. We are looking forward to getting to know you! Simply apply online Become a member of our suc...