Non-destructive Inspection

The requirements for quality control, even for complex components, increase up to a 100% quality inspection. The inspection of parts of complex shape requires robotic solutions to move a sensor system in such a way that the whole surface of the part is covered. SPIRIT aims at the development of a s ...+
In order to remain competitive and retain its leading manufacturing position, European industry must be able to deliver high-quality products and increase productivity while keeping costs down. The manufacturing industry is undergoing a substantial transformation due to the proliferation of new digi ...+
Major parts - including the wings of the Airbus A 380 - are made of fiber-reinforced composites. During machining - e. g. drilling - the inhomogeneity of the material in the inner walls of the boreholes can lead to fraying and loosening. However, the quality of the boreholes is essential for the str ...+
The SonicScan project aims at developing NDT methods based on ultrasonic testing that are suitable for primary structural parts. The main challenge is the compact shape of the parts and their high thickness. To address this problem the project builds upon the sampling phased array technology that al ...+
The INLINE project aims at the solution of key challenges to enable the implementation of a scalable manufacturing process for fuel cell systems. Current manufacturing processes rely on manual work that has substantial limits in terms of cycle times, costs and scalability. Developments will start wi ...+
The factors of success in the context of the digital factory are the inclusion of human within the manufacturing process as well as the consideration of their individuality and experience. Assistive systems act an important role in this field. The challenges of a nearby collaboration of human and ro ...+
Die automatische Prüfung von Composite-Bauteilen gewinnt sowohl  in der Automobilindustrie als auch in der Luftfahrt zunehmend an Bedeutung. Während es bei den Produktionsverfahren substantielle Fortschritte gegeben hat, wird die Prüfung immer noch manuell durchgeführt, nimmt aber 30-50 Prozent ...+
Initial situation: Efficient production of carbon composite parts is an important topic for aerospace, automotive and other industries. In a draping process, carbon fibre textiles are shaped in order to produce parts with complex shape. This draping process results in complex deformation of carbon f ...+
Holzfurnieroberflächen spielen als Leichtbau-Dekorteile für die Luftfahrtindustrie eine wichtige Rolle. Diese Oberflächen sind hochglänzend lackiert, deren Qualität wird im Rahmen der Abnahme von den Erstausrüstern (OEM) kritisch bewertet. Dabei werden Messgeräte eingesetzt, die Kennwerte üb ...+
Non-destructive testing of components is an important auxiliary process step, not only in quality control but also in regular maintenance. The detection of cracks is currently done by using magnetic particle inspection, which is a decades-old, inefficient and ecologically undesirable process. There ...+
Machine vision in industrial quality control, e.g. in surface inspection, generates an enormous amount of data. These data are input for machine learning structures that reproduce human decision making. The setup and optimization of such machine learning structures in industrial environments require ...+