For many processes in production, such as end of line quality control and complex assembly processes, the human worker is mandatory and superior to an automated solution. Cost pressure, increasing complexity and increasing quality standards are forcing companies towards more modern workplaces. Corresponding assistance systems for the employees free them from annoying secondary activities and enable more efficient cooperation between man and machine.


  • video-based process digitization for workplace analysis and
  • customized industrial augmented reality for human-centered production processes.


PROFACTOR develops projection-based systems (spatial augmented reality) which illuminate work surfaces, components or interesting regions of the component, that relieves e.g. the final inspector who works downstream to an inspection system, but also production employees who are entrusted with complex assembly tasks.


The really relevant information is digitized and displayed directly on the workpiece without the need to wire the employee or similar. The previous time expenditure in situations outside the work routine, the dependence on long-term employees with process experience or stress and quality defects due to rather short cycle times for this work can be significantly reduced.


The system consists of a customer-specific orchestration of projector and related perception technology connected by our visualization software to boost quality and valorize human-centered working places.


Improved working places and end control

Humans are enabled to deliver consistent performance and keep quality at the highest level. Human skills and capabilities are focused on essential tasks and are not wasted with secondary activities.


Your advantages

  • Visualization directly on the workpiece
  • Minimize human errors
  • Minor secondary activities
  • Minimal training effort
  • Individualized projection


Application areas

  • Visualization of automated inspection results
  • Poka Yoke through projected instructions
  • Guidance of manual quality checks
  • Work instructions for manual set-up scenarios
  • Work instructions for assembly workflows



  • Cylinder head production
  • Hybrid electronics assembly workplace
  • Conrod assembly
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Which production step is the individual employee currently working on? How does he operate at assembly stations and workbenches and with what strategy does he solve a task? What work routes does he have, how fast does he walk, what is his ergonomic burden?


The Assembly Eye digitizes and understands human-centered processes.

The Assembly Eye uses a standard camera. With the associated software from PROFACTOR, it can extract the movements of the individual actors from the image data in spatial and temporal context and digitize relevant information for the process flow. Depending on requirements, this can be the basis for (real-time) analysis tools or input for trainable system intelligence (deep learning methodology).

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The PROFACTOR proprietary development Candelor recognizes CAD-defined objects in “noisy” environments – for example in unsorted crates.

The solution allows a wide range of applications in the industry:

  • Bin Picking
  • Robotic: Screwing and Handling assistance
  • Completeness monitoring
  • Visualization: together with Augmented Reality solutions

The advantages of this PROFACTOR solution:

  • Sensor Independence
  • Flexibility: Performance versus Repeatability is configurable
  • Standalone testing with the help of graphical user interface

A tool for real-time 3D tracking (in high frequency) is currently under development.

The PROFACTOR proprietary development ReconstructMe models workspaces, people, objects and assembly parts in real-time. The software is thus the basis for various industrial and commercial applications:

  • Assistive robotics
  • Orthopedics
  • Fashion
  • Architecture
  • Construction Plants
  • Accident Forensics

The advantages of this PROFACTOR-solution:

  • Hardware independence: all standard RGBD sensors (i.e. 3D cameras) can be used.
  • Application independence: A software development toolkit is available and is configurable for further development.
  • Texturing: The vertices of the model are fused with the color information resulting in a common 3D model. This makes color models possible.
  • Intelligent filling: Non-observable “occluded” points are intelligently filled by the algorithm.
  • Export: The data can be exported to popular CAD formats.

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