Functional surfaces are a prerequisite for innovative products. PROFACTOR realizes structuring in different size ranges. Dimensions from a few µm to a few nanometers are easily possible with the existing solutions.

Examples of applications are:

  • Optics: Micro-lenses, Diffusors, Anti-reflective structures,  Holograms,
  • Life Science:”Lab on a chip” structures
  • Decoration: Textured colours
  • Security: Holograms as protection against counterfeiting

PROFACTOR accompanies its customers and partners through the entire innovation process:

  • Material and technology selection
  • Structure selection and master order
  • Imprint/replication attempts
  • Production of prototypes
  • Transfer to serial production

In years of research – for example in the projects of the NILaustria I and II clusters – PROFACTOR has acquired its expertise for the use of micro- and nanostructuring technologies in industrial practice.

PROFACTOR has made two significant advances in the field of nanoimprint lithography (NIL), which is already well established in the market.

  • NIL on curved surfaces: Fast replication of nanostructures on freeform surfaces
  • Roll-to-Plate NIL: for structuring larger surfaces.

The texturing of surfaces with metallic elements is based on lift-off technology and the use of lift-off lacquers.

Examples of applications:

  • Gold and silver electrodes
  • Transistor and photodetector structures
  • Production of graphene structures
  • Transparent metal electrodes
  • Metamaterials
  • Antireflective Moth-eyes structures on freeform lenses
  • Friction optimized surfaces
  • Magnetic and plasmonic anisotropic nanoparticle fabrication

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