Heat flow thermography is able to measure the thickness of layers and to test joint quality between layers automatically.

Thermographic thickness measurement enables to measure locally resolved, and from one side only. Thin locations can be automatically found in drawn metal parts.

Layer thickness of a patch can be measured in a single step by use of a flash light. Especially with thin layers, short measurement durations are possible. Result of the measurement is some kind of a thickness-image, corresponding to the measured patch. Quality and resolution strongly depend on material properties and geometry. The system is also able to check joint quality and delaminations.

Technical data

  • inspection duration per patch: usually starting at some milliseconds
  • patch size: up to some dm²
  • measurement range: from µm to mm (depending on material and setup)
  • inspection system is adaptable to many applications
  • setup for „out of range“ parameters is possible

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