Measurement of thermal diffusivity can be done with the so called Laser Flash Method. Samples with known geometry are measured at different temperatures. PROFACTOR measures diffusivity by use of thermal cameras at room temperature only, but in a spatially resolved manner.

As a result, we get a diffusivity image for the entire area which of course contains more information than only one single diffusivity value. The diffusivity image can be used to draw conclusions about the absence ore presence of local inhomogeneity or structural voids in the bulk material.

  • development and improvement of materials
  • retrieving necessary data for material simulations
  • testing the homogeneity of materials
  • support for optimization of production processes
  • inline quality control
  • consulting
  • reports of measurements with graphical representations
  • measurement results as tables
  • data files with results
  • Measurement error for each measurement is documented
  • parallel piped geometry (sheets, disks, …)
  • thickness in mm range
  • maximum patch size 90x90mm

If necessary, the surface of the sample parts will be coated with graphite.

  • spatially resolved diffusifity measurement
  • single point diffusivity measurement
  • measurement of thermal conductivity
  • measurement of anisotropy
  • special measurements on request

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