Roboter-basierter Inkjet-Druck

The application of graphic or functional elements to curved surfaces excludes individual solutions with conventional methods – for example using transfer films.

PROFACTOR’s solution – robot-assisted inkjet printing – combines expertise from robotics, nanotechnology (functionalization) and inkjet printing (functional inks, process development).

PROFACTOR has developed a series of printable inks and created the corresponding parameters for the processes, which allow to realize different properties and functionalities on geometrically arbitrary surfaces. For example:

  • electrical circuits
  • Haptics: digital materials
  • Optical elements: Organic photovoltaic cells or LEDs

For optical elements that cannot be printed – such as holograms, for example – expertise from nanoimprint lithography (NIL) is used. PROFACTOR is currently developing methods to apply NIL on curved surfaces using robotics.

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