The production of lightweight composite parts involves a number of process steps such as filling, grinding, coating and activation of surfaces e.g. for glueing. Occasionally small defects need to be repaired. To address these process steps the project Seltec investigates two different solution:

Automatic manufacturing processes that use and integration of CAD data, sensor systems and flexible production equipment to selective process those areas on the part that need treatment.

As an alternative an in-mould coating technology is being developed that may replace most of the above mentioned processes. Using highly reactive powder coatings surfaces of high quality can be achieved that need very little post-processing to finish the part.

By combining both approaches a reduction of manual processing by 50% could be achieved.

Project Name:
Selective Surface- and Manufacturing techniques for Fiber Composites- and Hybrid Component Products

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01.04.2011 – 31.03.2014



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