NEXGEN_RWP articulates PROFACTOR’s goal to develop a new generation of robotic systems which can solve complex tasks efficiently even if framing conditions change. The further development of cognitive technologies will render possible the application of the system to a broad spectrum of use-cases in production environment.

Robots will be provided with semantic comprehension for available tasks like joining, assembly or other production tasks. The human activity will be recognized by multimodal (visual, tactile, etc.) sensory. Generalization of these tasks and processes by semantic data processing will ease adaptation to future tasks. A further challenge as far as cognitive robotic systems are concerned is the intuitive task based programmability of the system which guarantees ergonomic, beneficial and safe task execution.

Project Name:
Human-Robot Cooperation to enable a next generation robotic workplace

FFG – IKT der Zukunft – 1. Ausschreibung

01.10.2013 – 30.09.2015

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