The goal of MMAssist II is a fundamental research and characterization of assistance in a production context. Based on this, optimized assistance systems for future working places focused on the human worker („Human-Centered Workplace“) will be developed, implemented and evaluated in an industrial environment. Basis for the implementation are so called „Assistance Units“ – which are modular components for assistance systems. Assistance Units are defined in a way that they can be applied to different application con-texts. The partners will implement a software framework with which Assistance Units can be dynamically configured to act as assistance system for a given application.

Expected results:

The project partners expect to gain a profound empirical and socio-technical understanding of the demands and requirements for assistance systems in the production context. These systems will consist of reusable, scientifically grounded Assistance Units that are thoroughly evaluated. The implemented assistance systems will be validated by workers of production companies in real production environments. This will lead to findings about the acceptance and user experience of workers who use assistance systems and a measurable reduced workload of the workers.

Current outcome:

To develop the planned assistance units, at first, the requirements of future users in production contexts had to be identified.

Requirements for assistance units from a user’s perspective


MMAssist II (Assistance Systems in Production in the Context of Man – Machine Cooperation)

Produktion der Zukunft – Leitprojekt

05.2017 – 04.2020


25 partners from research and industry are involved in the project

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