The present generation of robots are based on systems that are equipped with standard products for intelligent sensor systems. These machines are usually embedded in a rigid control unit and have little cognitive abilities. PROFACTOR’s research focuses on innovative technology solutions and systems whose autonomous decision-making power is characterized by increasing complexity.

The goal is to enable machines and systems to adapt their assistance as autonomously as possible, according to the situation and in real time. The acceptance of such solutions by the human operator is also taken into account – regardless of the obligatory safety issues.

PROFACTOR’s current research focuses on the following topics:

  • Cooperative Robotics: The focus is on interaction between human and the robot sharing the same workspace and carrying out their work on the same object simultaneously.
  • Situated Assistance: The goal is efficient and robust recognition of user behavior in real-time. Instead of considering the user as an obstacle, the user behavior is classified and necessary assistance is offered in real time.
  • Decentralized and distributed system architectures: Simplifying the programming effort of the system with heterogeneous elements such as sensors, robots and control.
  • Automatic Process Planning: Enabling (semi-) automatic planning of the handling and inspection processes, automatic planning of robotic processes and optimization of adaptively generated process plans.
  • New Action Patterns and Modalities: The focus is on the patterns and modalities of human-robot cooperation – taking the user acceptance into account.


Robots that collaborate with people without a protective device: collaborative robotics is the future of the production industry. The fields of application of human-robot-collaborations (HRC) are manifold: For example, in the packaging of goods or in the assembly of motors, robots powerfully support...+
The goal of MMAssist II is a fundamental research and characterization of assistance in a production context. Based on this, optimized assistance systems for future working places focused on the human worker („Human-Centered Workplace“) will be developed, implemented and evaluated in an industri...+
FlExible assembLy manufacturIng with human-robot Collaboration and digital twin modEls (FELICE)   FELICE addresses one of the greatest challenges in robotics, i.e. that of coordinated interaction and combination of human and robot skills. The proposal targets the application priority area of...+
Motivation systems used in health and leisure contexts rely mainly on screen-based virtual trainers and peers connected via social networks as main motivators. In working contexts, information and gamification concepts are more and more used to increase motivation. The main goal in both areas is to ...+
AssistMe is focused on potential operator and user experience of novel robotic assistance systems. A multi-level process develops and evaluates innovative interaction concepts and technologies in close collaboration with future operators and users who are integrated by user studies and who will eval...+
Märkte, in denen die Nachfrage nicht immer genau vorhergesagt werden kann, bzw. Unternehmen, die mit kleinen Fertigungslosen arbeiten, profitieren nicht von der erhöhten Produktivität durch Roboter. Der Trend hin zu individualisierten Serienfertigung verschärft die Problematik zusätzlich. Indus...+
Collaborative lightweight robots are a trend in industry. They are comparatively cheap. Developments in the field of machine learning make them increasingly flexible and easier to use. The challenges for research are obvious. The machines must be equipped with cognitive intelligence in order to adap...+
The aim of the project is to enable non-experts with the opportunity to easily teach robots a complex assembly process using natural communication methods. In order for robot systems to learn from a non-expert user, the robot system should first understand the user's intention. In this project, huma...+
While traditional automation is suitable for repetitive executions, it reaches its limits when robots need to act in a Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) environment. Here challenges like high product and variant diversity, low lot sizes and especially low setup times make it necessary to develop new w...+
NEXGEN_RWP articulates PROFACTOR’s goal to develop a new generation of robotic systems which can solve complex tasks efficiently even if framing conditions change. The further development of cognitive technologies will render possible the application of the system to a broad spectrum of use-cases ...+
The complexity of assembly processes and manufacturing processes in general is in-creasing with respect to flexibility, frequent changes of products and markets as well as shorter product life cycles. Currently, the adaptation of manufacturing processes requires significant resources and time. Inste...+
The European robotics industry is moving towards a new generation of robots, based on safety in the workplace and the ability to work alongside humans. This new generation is paramount to making the factories of the future more cost-effective and restoring the competitiveness of the European manufac...+
Der "Griff in die Kiste" ist gelöst Das Handling von unförmigen und unsortiert dargebotenen Teilen – zum Beispiel in einer Schütte - stellt für die Automatisierung eine Herausforderung dar. Der von PROFACTOR und IH Tech gemeinsam entwickelte iRob Feeder®  ist in der Lage, unterschiedliche W...+
The aim of the international research project LOCOBOT was to develop a low-cost "Robot co-worker" in a modular system that is suitable for industries with high production volume as well as for manufactures with low product volume and high customer specifications. The focus was on the development of ...+
The aerospace industry typically has to handle very large parts that remain stationary in a workcell for several days until a process is completed. Conventional robots cannot be successfully implemented in this environment. The European research project “VALERI” addresses this problem by develop...+
The main goal of CustomPacker is to design and assemble a packaging workstation mostly using standard hardware components (no need for special solutions) resulting in a universal handling system for different products (size, weight and form). During the project, different concepts and technological ...+
The production of lightweight composite parts involves a number of process steps such as filling, grinding, coating and activation of surfaces e.g. for glueing. Occasionally small defects need to be repaired. To address these process steps the project Seltec investigates two different solution: Auto...+


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Rooker, J. Minichberger, M. Hofmann, M. Ikeda, G. Ebenhofer, G. Fritz, A. Pichler ; ” Flexible and Assistive Quality Checks with Industrial Robots “, Joint 45th International Symposium on Robotics – ISR 2014 and 8th German Conference on Robotics – ROBOTIK 2014, Munich, Germany


Eitzinger, S. Akkaladevi. ; ” Dexterous Assembler Robot Working with Embodied Intelligence “, 13th Intl.Conf.on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Padova (Italy) July 15-19,2014


M.N. Rooker, T. Strasser, G. Ebenhofer, M. Hofmann, R. Velez Osuna ; ” Modeling Flexible Mechatronical Based Assembly Systems through Simulation Support “, 13th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, Hamburg, Germany


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