Overall objective of this project is to research approaches for a distributed optimisation algorithm for dynamic job shop scheduling problems in massively distributed, agile production environments with stochastic properties.

The research software prototype to be developed will be based on mathematical programming (integer programming and langrange relaxation), combinatory auction protocols, and metaheuristic optimisation based on variable neighbourhood search. The project is based on several finished projects and existing expertise: priority rule based production control with automated rules synthesis, meta-heuristic optimisation algorithms as well as integer programming to solve combinatorial optimisation problems.

The project is aligned with research from Salzburg Research contributing to the field “Next Generation Multi-Purpose Production Systems”.

Key Words:
Scheduling, Integer Programming, Lagrange Relaxation, combinatory auction, combinatory optimisation

Project Name:
Next-Generation Multi-Purpose Production Systems


01.10.2014 – 30.09.2017

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