PROFACTOR research focuses on systems, which are combining human and machine interaction, intelligence and  processing power, human expertise and machine power.

The aim of industrial Assistance Systems is to support human beings in a in a volatile, richly varied and highly flexible production. The cognitive abilities of these assistance systems are constantly being improved.

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Robotic Assistance

The present generation of robots are based on systems that are equipped with standard products for intelligent sensor systems. These machines are usually embedded in a rigid control unit and have little cognitive abilities. PROFACTOR's research focuses on innovative technology solutions an...

Machine Learning for Machine Vision

Machine learning for machine vision systems is of growing importance to deal with the variability of industrial production. Learning systems are particularly required in the field of surface inspection and quality control. The final goal is to proceed from the detection of defective parts ...

Flexible Production Systems

Flexibility and Interoperability is becoming – in addition to price and quality strategies – an increasingly important competitive factor. Networked machines, software, employees, suppliers, customers are a reality. Unfortunately, the design and engineering of software for decentralise...

Visual Computing

Visual Computing combines established and scientific methods for position determination, tracking technologies and machine learning to drive the following innovations: Systems with higher-value perception and assistance options Smart devices and tools Collaborating robots We are a technolo...