addmanu is a national flag ship project for research, development und the establishment of additive manufacturing. There are four topics are defined as key technologies for additive manufacturing: lithograph based manufacturing LBF), Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), selective laser welding (SLM) and the inkjet printing. These have from today’s perspective the highest potential for applications and further developments.

The most important families of engineering materials, i.e. ceramics, polymers and metals are included. New materials and hybrid material systems are of particular importance.

The innovation potential of additive manufacturing is primarily determined by the creativity of the designers and the use of state-of-the-art design software for lightweight construction and material efficiency.

The coupling of topology and design optimization and additions to extremely filigree grid structures are intended to create new solutions and open up new areas of application.

Simulation- and model-supported process development for the processes enable further developments for inline process assurance.

The aspects and studies relevant for industrial implementation are dealt with in our own work packages and prepared for the mechanical engineering, toolmaking, automotive, semiconductor and refractory industries as well as for the aerospace industry.

The goals of the project are in detail:

  • Development of new materials such as metal powders, ceramics, thermoplastic photopolymers and inkjet inks with significantly improved properties
  • Development of a method for the production of hybrid systems metal/ceramic and steel/aluminium based on SLM technology
  • Development of new lithography-based processes with significantly improved resolution and higher throughput
  • Methods for inline process control in generative manufacturing
  • Development of post-treatment methods to improve surface quality
  • Application development under consideration of an integrated process chain

Project name:
Strengthening the Austrian value chains for additive manufacturing in industrial production

Production of the Future, FFG – flagship project

01.04.2015 – 31.03.2018