For nanoimprint lithography, the stamp material, the imprint material and the substrate are of decisive importance. The research project NILmaterials is a project within the NILaustria-Cluster.

In this project, PROFACTOR is investigating materials that clearly stand out from the materials available to date. So far there are mainly materials on the market which are optimized for etchability for structure transfer or for optical properties (e.g. refractive index). In this project, PROFACTOR develops materials that combine novel material properties and structuring possibilities in the best possible way.

Research focuses on silesquioxanes (SSQ materials) with which customized physical, chemical or size-dependent properties can be realized. Research in the NILmaterials project has a highly integrative character within the NILaustria cluster.

With the silicon-based material class at least two new stamp types for nanoimprint lithography can be realized: The first type has anti-adhesive properties as an intrinsic material property. The second type is based on the principle of ionogen-functionalized surfaces, with which nanocontact printing of biomolecules (e.g. proteins) is possible.

NILmaterials is a project within the NILaustria cluster of the Austrian Nanoinitiative, which is carried out by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) on behalf of BMVIT.

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