Microsystems are usually manufactured with expensive and highly specialized tools, changeover times are long. Production in small batch sizes and optimization based on prototypes is hardly possible for components with mechatronic microcomponents – pumps, valves or diaphragms.

The SmartLam project is developing a process with which innovative films can be used in processes such as 3D printing, structuring or welding. The laser. Inkjet print or nanoimprint lithography modified films serve as a base substrate for the microsystems.

The combination of all processes in one production cell allows the production of complete 3D microsystems.

In addition, the project will create a development environment with which the design of microsystems can be specifically adapted to the new production methodology.

In this project, PROFACTOR concentrates on quality assurance for the inspection of the individual films – both during the production process and during feedback to the micro-positioning systems.

The micro-assembling stations developed in the project are adaptive and modular production cells. In industrial applications, the laser printer, control and handling modules can be combined for the respective production process.

Project name:
Smart production of Microsystmes based on laminated polymer films


01.10.2012 – 31.03.2014

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