Many „intellignet products“, that can be thought of today,  cannot be fabricated with existing production methods or cannot be fabricated in a cost efficient way. These are – among others – especially individualized products with directly integrated sensors, LED, OLEDs, displays, etc. Additive manufacturing technologies are ideally suited for the efficient manufacturing of individualized products.

The ANIIPF project focuses on micro- and nanostructuring technologies on arbitrarily shaped surfaces (e.g. additively manufactured), to achieve an additional functionalization of the surface. Structuring is done via inkjet printing or by nanoimprinting.

In both cases the challenge is the use of the technologies on curved surfaces. Second closely connected topic is the development and adaptation of materials for these special cases of nanoimprinting and inkjetprinting.

As soon as single layer printing on free form surfaces is established, multilayer printing will be investigated.

Project Name:    
Additives Nanoimprinting and Inkjet Printing on Free-Form Surfaces


01.07.2014 – 30.06.2017

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