The Profactor-team presents latest results related to nanotechnology at the NNT 2018 – the 17th International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technologies in Braga (Portugal), September 18-20, 2018 (

Oral Presenation:
Investigating Multilayer Multimaterial Nanoimprinting
M. Mühlberger, D. Mehar, T. Mitteramskogler, A. Moharan, M. Haslinger, P. Kulha, H. Außerhuber, L. Bauer, S. Kopp, D. Fechtig

The behaviour of nanoparticle inks in open microchannels
T. Mitteramskogler, V. M. Di Pietro, H. Außerhuber, M. Mühlberger

Nanostructuring of complex surface presented on 3D printed implants and lenses
Michael Haslinger, et al.

Printing to define the droplet behavior during inkjet printing
M. Mühlberger, H. Außerhuber, T. Mitteramskogler, J. Kurzmann, M. Haslinger, J. Kastner, M. Ikeda, C. Wögerer, D. Fechtig

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