The Micro & Nano Engineering 2019 will be the 45th Conference in a series that started in Cambridge in 1975, and was held most recently in Vienna (2016), Braga (2017) and Copenhagen (2018). Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) is the core international conference focusing on: A) micro/ nanofabrication and manufacturing techniques, and B) application of the fabricated micro/nanostructures, devices and microsystems into electronics, photonics, energy, environment, chemistry and life sciences.


2 Oral Presentation and 7 Poster Presentation has been accepted from PROFACTOR.

Oral Presentation:

Proto-MIP – A Novel Route for MIP fabrication
S. Haas, L. Schranzhofer, B. Roberts

 Antireflective Moth-Eyes Structures on Freeform Surfaces fabricated by Nanoimprint Lithography
M.J. Haslinger, A.R. Moharana, D. Fechtig and M. Mühlberger 


Poster Presentation:

Magnetic design of multi-component nanoprobes for biomolecular diagnostics
H. Brueckl, A. Shosha, M.J. Haslinger, T. Mitteramskogler, M. Muehlberger, J. Schotter,
S. Schrittwieser

Nanoimprint Lithography as New Route towards 3-dimensionally structured substrates for in-vitro growth of cell cultures
P. Schuller, M. Rothbauer, P. Ertl, A.R. Moharana, M. Mühlberger, E. Bertagnolli,
H.D. Wanzenboeck

Magnetic- plasmonic nanoparticles fabricated with high throughput step and repeat
nanoimprint lithography
M. J. Haslinger , T. Mitteramskogler, A. Shoshi  , S. Schrittwieser  , J. Schotter, 
H. Brueckl , M. Muehlberger 

Self-Aligned, High Resolution Conductive Lines for Micro Heaters Fabrication
V. M. Di Pietro, H. M. Außerhuber, T. Mitteramskogler, P. Kulha, F. R. Tessarollo, M. Mühlberger

Combining Multilayer Multimaterial Nanoimprinting and Inkjet Printing
M. Mühlberger, A. R. Moharana, H. Außerhuber, S. Kopp, T. Mitteramskogler, D. Fechtig

Nanoimprint Lithography for the Creation of Solar Thermal Absorbers
Tina Mitteramskogler, Michael J. Haslinger, Ambiörn Wennberg, Iván F. Martínez, Michael Muehlberger, Matthias Krause and Elena Guillén

Open Microchannels filled with Nanoparticle Inks
Tina Mitteramskogler, Vito Matteo Di Pietro, Helene Außerhuber, Leo Schranzhofer, Michael Muehlberger