Meet the Pioneers of Future Fashion in Berlin

User centered and inclusive design approaches in the fashion industry for creating a better tomorrow

The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. Climate change and the associated desire for significant change brings new challenges for the industry. As a consequence, all those involved are rethinking sourcing, production and distribution processes.

One answer lies in the latest manufacturing technologies that are currently not only changing fashion itself, but also design and production methods. Within 36 months of co-creation, designers and artists, scientists and technology experts were co-researching on the implementation of these new technologies in the fields of fashion and material design, smart textiles and sustainable finishing.

On the 4th of November 2021, the results of these projects are being presented and brought up for discussion at AHOY Berlin, Wattstraße 11, 13355 Berlin. We invite experts, media and interested industry representatives to experience these inspiring outlooks into the future.


In an inspiring talk with design curator Anna BERNAGOZZI, artist and designer Hellen VAN REES and NAME FROM CORPORATE future challenges in (fashion) design with a focus on social and sustainable goals.


The talk is followed by a presentation of the 20+ projects within the framework of START-S Lighthouse project RE-FREAM. Experience the prototypes in presence of the co-creation teams, connect with inspiring and pioneering artists and designers and discuss the results of these unique collaborations.

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COVID19-INFO: We follow the German 3G-Regulation (vaccinated, recovered, negative test) at registration.

Re-FREAM – new concepts for the future of fashion

As a pillar of the STARTS Programme (Science + Technology + Arts) of the European Commission, Re-FREAM invited artists and designers to team up with a community of scientists to rethink the manufacturing process of the fashion industry.