The complexity of assembly processes and manufacturing processes in general is in-creasing with respect to flexibility, frequent changes of products and markets as well as shorter product life cycles. Currently, the adaptation of manufacturing processes requires significant resources and time. Instead of creating more and more complex technical systems the approach in industry is to strengthen the cooperation between humans and machines. This project focuses on the interaction between humans and robots in production environments.

Research deals with the development and evaluation of concepts for cognitive assistance systems that are based on a mutual understanding of the task and how it is to be split among humans and machines. This requires a suitable representation of the environment, the task and the objects and in a second stage methods and concepts to extend, parameterize, and adapt the system for future tasks.

Also, the machine has to be able to combine basic actions to complex tasks. This top-ics has not yet been addressed in production Research.

Project Name:    
Cooperation models for assistive human-machine interaction in the production process


01.07.2014 – 30.06.2017


  • Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, Matthias Plasch, Andreas Pichler, Bernhard Rinner, Human Robot Collaboration to Reach a Common Goal in an Assembly Process, accepted for publication at ECAI 2016
  • Sharath Akkaladevi, Martin Ankerl, Christoph Heindl, Andreas Pichler, Tracking multiple rigid symmetric and non-symmetric objects in real-time using depth data, ICRA 2016
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  • Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, Martin Ankerl, Gerald Fritz, Andreas Pichler, Real-time tracking of rigid objects using depth data, Austrian Robotics Workshop 2016
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  • Sharath Akkaladevi, Christoph Heindl, Alfred Angerer, Juergen Minichberger, Action Recognition in Industrial Applications using Depth Sensors, Austrian Robotics Workshop 2015, May 07 – 08, 2015
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