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Dr. Andreas Pichler

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Openness encourages innovation. In three OpenLabs, we create a place to think, to think out of the box and, above all, to think ahead.

Our OpenLabs are open to our customers and partners. Together with them, we are experimenting and driving forward developments.


PROFACTOR is researching for the production of the future. Together with our customers and partners, we also want to forge ideas outside production research - in our new IdeaLAB. Our IdeaLAB - inspires Innovative ambience inspires bright minds. This is what we have paid attention to in the...

mobile Openlab

PROFACTOR lets you experience 3D printing Additive manufacturing is the key to individualized and functional products. This type of production is gaining enormously in importance. 3D printing has already found its way into consumer markets. Simple printers are available at affordable price...

Cognitive Factory LAB

PROFACTOR opens its Cognitive Factory LAB and makes technologies to be experienced. In the Cognitive Factory LAB, new assistive technologies for digital human-centered production are developed and tested. Several showcases offer visitors an insight into the production of tomorrow.Abläufe ...

Cognitive Robotics and Factory HUB

The Cognitive Robotics and Factory Hub is a non-profit Hub with currently 6 Institutions from Research (University and non-University Institutions), Industrie and Consulting. The Goal is to provide services and solutions to Austrian (and central Europe counties) in the field of Robotics ...