Master thesis

Nanoimprint Lithography is a method to replicate nanostructures on large area. This is done by pressing a nanostructured stamp into a soft (UV-curable) polymer on a substrate. While the stamp is in contact with the polymer, the material is cured by e.g. UV-irradiation and then the stamp is removed, resulting in a nanostructured hard polymer on the substrate. For certain applications it can be advantageous to coat the stamp rather than the substrate (= reversal NIL). This is especially true, if multiple layers should be imprinted on top of each other. We want to investigate this process and combine different materials with each other, not only but also on curved surfaces.


Your Tasks

The goals of this master thesis are

  • to investigate different materials and their suitability for reversal nanoimprint lithography.
  • The materials we are aiming for should have refractive indices as different as possible and should be structured by UV-based nanoimprinting
  • Applications for this technique in general would be e.g. in the fields of optics or microfluidics.
  • Preparing a demonstrator, making use of the different refractive indices

The work relates to a funded project at PROFACTOR, the multiLINK project.


We are looking for

Motivated students with a hands-on mentality in the field of nanotechnology, physics, material science, chemistry or similar studies, with experience in experimental work, ideally in a cleanroom environment.




Start / Duration

Now / 6 months


Our Mission

PROFACTOR’s research improves the competiveness of European Industry. We are pioneers of the thinking production. We bring production back home. We offer for master thesis a compensation of min. 430 EUR per month.

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