Master thesis

Additive Manufacturing is a key technique for individualized and functional products. PROFACTOR will intensify its research activities in the field of additive micro and nano manufacturing and focuses on hybrid production processes. One of these hybrid production processes is additive inkjet printing.

Inkjet printing is a widely used technique for decorative printing. Additionally, inkjet printing of functional materials (like conductive, semiconducting, …) has a broad range of interesting applications. To build up complex functional devices it is however necessary to not only print one single layer but to stack multiple layers on top of each other. In this context also the pretreatment of the substrate or the underlying layer plays an important role, not only but also when combining different materials. This is especially true if the inkjet printing should be performed on curved surfaces, which is the aim of the thesis.


Your Task

The goal of the thesis is

  • to investigate the printing behavior of different selected inks when printed on top of each other, considering especially the influence of possible treatments (thermal, UV) that have to be performed before switching to an-other ink.
  • Optimizing the printing strategy with an inkjet printer prototype that can print on 3D surfaces
  • a demonstrator device should be set up to show a simple multilayer architecture of conductive and insulating lines possibly including LED light sources (not inkjet printed) on curved surfaces.

The work relates to the multiLINK project at PROFACTOR.



We are looking for

  • Motivated students with a hands-on mentality in the field of chemistry, material science, process science, physics, mechatronics or similar studies,
  • who are experienced in working in a chemical lab,
  • ideally with inkjet know-how




Start / Duration

Now / 6 months in Steyr


Our Mission

PROFACTOR’s research improves the competiveness of European Industry. We are pioneers of the thinking production. We bring production back home. We offer for master thesis a compensation of min. 430 EUR per month .

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