Master thesis

Additive Manufacturing is a key technique for individualized and functional products. PROFACTOR will intensify its research activities in the field of additive micro and nano manufacturing and looking for promising production processes. Such a potential production process is based on molecular imprinting of polymers.

Molecular imprinting of polymers (MIP) is an important strategy of generating selective layers, e.g. for sensing applications as an alternative for antibodies. Besides high affinity and selectivity, MIP provide superior stability and ruggedness, such as tolerance to wide ranges of pH or temperature. Highly interesting in basic research, MIPs didn’t found its application so far, due to complex transfer in manufacturing from laboratory to industrial production.

Thesis Topic: Establishing and optimizing molecular imprinted polymers via novel Proto-MIP approach for bacterial targets – a reproducibility study.


Your tasks

  • Synthesis, adaptation and optimization of MIPs for yeast and e.coli based on proto-MIP approach
  • Characterization of novel sensing layers via spectroscopic and microscopic methods and QCM studies
  • Study on reproducibility and upscale of proto-MIP approach


We are looking for

Motivated students with a hands-on mentality in the field of chemistry, nanotechnology, physics, material science, or similar studies.



Start / Duration

Now / 6 months, Steyr


Our Mission

PROFACTOR’s research improves the competiveness of European Industry. We are pioneers of the thinking production. We bring production back home.

We offer for master thesis a compensation of min. 430 EUR per month .

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