In addition to the development of specific technologies and concrete solutions, PROFACTOR supports (manufacturing) companies in their performance by a range of services:

PROFACTOR supports its customers in obtaining information on the state of the art and the state of research. This includes performing well-founded research as well as the use of an extensive, international research and partner network for the retrieving of information. The interdisciplinary orientation of PROFACTOR allows covering a broad range of topics in-house. In addition, PROFACTOR acts as a hub and information broker, enabling customers to access scientific resources without losing sight of the practice.

PROFACTOR supports its customers in recognizing the potentials of their own production and subsequently quantifying them. PROFACTOR highlights technological problem areas and points of attack and considers the processes from a holistic perspective. Together with the customer, possible solutions approaches are checked for plausibility and are evaluated. With the overview of international research projects, the production under consideration can be ranked with respect to the international situation.

PROFACTOR develops solution concepts for its customers, which, if necessary, are assessed and validated, for example by the means of simulation. Subsequently, specifications are jointly developed with customers as well as feasibility studies are carried out. In order to cover the entire range of production-related topics, co-operations with long term partners have been established.

PROFACTOR supports customers in the application of state-of-the-art technology and adapts it for specific problems. In return, PROFACTOR receives suggestions for new research and development projects, resulting in a mutual fertilization between users and researchers.

The technologies and solutions developed by PROFACTOR can be found under solutions and some of them can be tested in our SMART FACTORY LAB.

Research and information transfer

  • State of the art
  • Identifying potential solution partners

Status and potential analyses

  • Analysis of cost structures / developing key figure systems
  • Analyses of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) / Total Plant Efficiency (GAE)
  • Value stream analysis / process analysis / analysis of system dynamics

Concept development / process development / factory planning

  • Selection and configuration of production concepts
  • Process development and factory planning (in selected core areas, otherwise with partners)
  • Comparing and evaluating solution concepts / ROI considerations

Optimal design and simulative performance assurance

  • Planning and explanatory models (process simulation)
  • Simulation-based optimisation

Tools for decision support for design and operations

  • Data integration / data analysis / data visualisation
  • Simulation-based forecasting tools
  • Tools for optimized, multicriterial production control

Technology components

Accompanying services

  • Accompanying customers with introduction and implementation
  • Long-term maintenance and support
  • Joint development of research concepts and research proposals
  • Supporting customers by the acquisition of funds

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