PROFACTOR offers 3D printing services that meet the highest technological standards. PROFACTOR can rely on its infrastructure and know-how gained from countless research projects – especially with respect to material conformance, surface refinement and surface characterization.

The focus is on the production of prototypes, whose surfaces are furnished with printed micro- and nanostructures.

The infrastructure of PROFACTOR covers the most important  3D printing equipment – right down to a resolution of the Z-axis of  16 µm.

Available Equipment:

  • Connex 3 Polyjet
  • Nano Scribe
  • Micro Solid Creator
  • Form 2
  • Hage 72l
  • Ultimaker 2 Extended+

Applications examples for 3D printing services:

  • Micro Fluid Devices. Used for life science applications. The printed microchannels require surfaces that produce the desired capillary effect.
  • Phantom printing: Polyjet printers can produce “synthetic copies” of body parts and organs of a person that exactly match the consistency that of a true body. This allows availability of “training objects” for planned operations.
  • Optical lenses: 3D printing allows lenses and other optical components with outstanding and functional characteristics.

The conversion of tool-inserts for injection-molds using 3D printers replaces expensive tool-inserts made of metal. PROFACTOR manufactures master structures that can be used repeatedly.

Use of inkjet prints

In addition, there is the possibility to apply functionalities to the 3D-manufactured prototypes by means of inkjet printing – like electrical conductors, organic photovoltaic cells or similar among other things.

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