Robotic handling and robotic commissioning require a three-dimensional registration of the workspace as well as the recognition of the components in real time.

The workspace is modeled using static or moving 3D cameras. The system automatically generates a collision-free and path-optimized robot process from these data, using the PROFACTOR software ReconstructMe.

The 3D position estimation of components – even among bulk of components – is achieved using the PROFACTOR-Software Candelor.


Handling of bulky and unsorted, unoriented parts – e.g. in a chute – is an enormous challenge in automation. iRob Feeder® is able to detect workpieces in both variable position and variable orientation, to pick the parts and to position them for further manufacturing processes. The 3D pose of the workpieces can be recognized even in nonstandard environments. Workpieces don’t have to be transported or presented to the robot homogenously sorted or neatly piled anymore.

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