The Cognitive Robotics and Factory Hub is a non-profit Hub with currently 6 Institutions from Research (University and non-University Institutions), Industrie and Consulting. The Goal is to provide services and solutions to Austrian (and central Europe counties) in the field of Robotics and Factory Solutions. A roadmap is currently in development with a focus on continuous extension of the network and proceeding further services.

The Hub and its members support local Industry and mainly SMEs in the field of robotics and factory related issues with following actions.

  • Hosting Workshops and Meetings (3 -4 a year) to inform SMES about newest developments, possibly actions in digitalization, experience and partner exchange. The main purpose of these workshops is creating a sustainable network.
  • Creating consortia’s including SMEs and initiating Research, development and transfer projects
  • Providing or mediation of services in to SMEs to apply for such projects in the field of digital transformation in Robotics and factory issus by:
    • Project development and management services
    • Knowledge transfer design and support for implementing
    • Innovation management and RTD activities
    • Consultancy on funding facilities
  • Providing services for training, skill improvement and education and giving SMEs access to pilot facilities of the HUB partners.

All these activities are non-profit activities. The Hub and its participants orientate their activities towards objectives that are in the public interest; it is not oriented towards making a profit. Any random profits or profits from individual projects must be used again in the interest of the Hubs’s purpose and not distributed to the shareholders.

Preliminary Details of the Hubs infrastructure, its partners and the provide services could be found on the web page:

Coordinator PROFACTOR:

Since its foundation in 1995, PROFACTOR has been a leading industry’s point of contact for production research in Austria. In this role, PROFACTOR sees itself as a link between science and business, and documents this through seamless value creation from basic research to industrial implementation.

For PROFACTOR as a research institute, the applicability of the research results in the companies is an essential criterion in addition to the scientific orientation. In the course of industrial implementation, research results are transferred into tailor-made products and services in industrial projects together with our customers.

With two strategic research fields, PROFACTOR sets essential cornerstones and trends in the production of the future:

  • Industrial Assistance Systems
  • Additive Micro/Nano Manufacturing

The two research fields are based on important research topics that are internationally visible and competitive in the scientific and industrial fields. Furthermore, the topics are unique within the Austrian research landscape and there are clear interfaces to non-university institutions in particular, which can also facilitate synergy effects.

Austrian Institute of Technology:

The AIT is Austria’s largest Research and Technology Organization (RTO) and belong to the first league worldwide in many of our areas of research. This makes us a powerful development partner for the industry and one of the top employers in the international scientific scene.

In the HUB the Center for Vision, Automation & Control (Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Kugi ) and the Center for Technology Experience (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manfred Tscheligi) are involved.

Universität Salzburg:

The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Salzburg. Established in 2005 as research unit at the former ICT&S Center, currently approx. 40 researchers study the interplay between humans and computers in order to enable desired interactions and explore desirable futures. The Center is directed by Professor Manfred Tscheligi who is a widely recognized expert in the field.

Zukunftsakademie Mostviertel:

The networking of knowledge and the exchange of experiences can provide the necessary impetus for new ideas – the Mostviertel research network offers the suitable framework for this.


MIND CONSULT & RESEARCH aims at excellence in service culture, quality and relationship with its clients. Our team is well experienced to meet costumers´ needs by tailor-made solutions. Furthermore we are embedded in an international knowledge pool of experts to assure a competitive edge.

  • Project development and management services
  • Regional and urban development
  • Knowledge transfer design and support for implementing
  • Innovation management and RTD activities
  • Consultancy on funding facilities


In 2007 in Gunskirchen, Upper Austria,  BRP-Rotax GmbH Co KG agreed to build an innovation centre of the next generation with a focus on specialised innovation and skills development.

The RIC is best described as facility which houses a unique collaborative network of individuals who combine their superior theoretical know-how and practical knowledge to create the engine technologies of the future. It is a place where innovation is born; where new competences are developed with enthusiasm, enjoyment, and with the highest level of professionalism helps develop  cutting-edge solutions and new skills to help create challenges for the future of the economy, such as industry to be prepared for Industry 4.0, and production of the future in “Lot size 1”.

As the innovation and educational centre of the region, the RIC also contributes substantially to improving standards of work and creation of new jobs. The RIC centre is also the focus of development and improvement of technological knowledge which is the driving force in economic development.


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