Sunday, 17 of June of 2018


PROFACTOR GmbH is an Austrian research centre located in Steyr and focuses on developing new methods for production technologies. The machine vision group has a long-term strategy of developing vision-based intelligent sensors for monitoring of (semi-)automatic processes. PROFACTOR is the project coordinator, responsible for developing algorithms for completeness inspection for full 3D and 2.5D technology.
Metria Digital S.L. is an innovative SME specialized in close-range photogrammetry services based on proprietary technology, a field in which it is already considered a reference at Spanish national level. Application areas include: architecture, engineering and any other line of work that requires measuring and rigorous, precise and detailed representation of real elements. Metria has successfully accomplished various projects related to the cultural heritage, such as preventative graphical testimonies, landmark catalogs or high-precision, fine detail structure documentation. Within the manufacturing and construction sectors, Metria carries out metrological controls of the manufactured products. METRIA is the responsible for ortho-image generation that represents a parallel, orthogonal projection of the object, similar to technical line drawings, but extended with color and texture departing from oblique images data acquisition.
IT+Robotics s.r.l. is a spin-off company of the University of Padua. It was created in 2005 by professors working in the field of robotics and young, brilliant people coming from the information engineering Department of the University of Padua. The mission is the technology transfer from University to business. Innovation, boosted by cutting edge technology from academia, is the right way towards business growth. In particular our key expertises are in the fields of: artificial vision systems, real-time operating systems, software agents management, and highly realistic simulations. IT+Robotics is a SME Participant, responsible for extended 2.5D inspection developing a new product combining in innovative way a laser profile scanner and a color camera.
Ardoran OÜ  is an Estonian SME established in 2001 with a focus on the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and electronics sectors. The company is interested in applying the results of 3DComplete as a solution for inspection and quality control of electronics production. Products include portable GPS navigation receivers and voice/ data communication devices. The diversity of the product range requires an inspection system that can be easily adapted for each production batch. Ardoran will be responsible for requirements and test parts and will be involved in the prototype construction, testing, and exploitation.
Fundacion Prodintec is a Technological Centre whose aim is to improve competitiveness of its clients by means of design and production related technologies. Prodintec is specialized in industrial manufacturing (innovative technologies applied to production and processes) and products design. PRODINTEC is a project partner, responsible for control system and image acquisition module for ortho images.
University of Padua The Department of Information Engineering is a leading centre for education, research and technological development in the area of electronics, quantum physics, automatic control, photonics, telecommunications, computer science, instrumentation and measurement, operation research and bioengineering. UNIPD will work mainly for 2.5D completeness inspection. UNIPD will use its know-how on robot vision and industrial robotics application for developing the hardware and software prototype of the laser and camera inspection system.
Logo_UniOvi University of Oviedo The University of Oviedo is a medium size public university placed in Asturias (Northern Spain), with campuses in three different cities: Oviedo, Gijón and Mieres. Founded in 1579, its disciplines range from humanities to sciences and technology. There is a laboratory of Computer Vision at the technological campus of Gijón with long experience in vision analysis and 3D restoration.